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Most of us couldn’t live without our smartphones by our side all the time. We could hardly conduct business, stay in touch with family and friends, find products, services or even lunch. Finding our way around the city without our phone wouldn’t be easy. 

So it’s more important than ever to stay connected anywhere you happen to be, and since we spend so much of our time in our vehicles, you need to have a management system for your smartphone and other mobile devices.

At one time using a phone while driving was a major nuisance and dangerous to yourself and other drivers. But today there are many ingenious and versatile smartphone car mounts on the market. Smartphone car mounts are adjustable into almost any preferred viewing position, capable of holding any size phone, and made to attach in the most convenient place for you. 

There are so many options in fact that it can be confusing to figure out which one offers the best value for the price, and which one is right for your particular personal needs.  We’ll cover some of the things you should consider when choosing a car phone holder, and take a look at some of the best currently on the market.

iOttie Easy One Touch 4
Our favorite pick for best cell phone holder for your car

The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 comes in 3 different versions depending on how you want to mount it to your car. There is the Windshield/Dash Mount, a CD-Slot Mount, and the Air-Vent Mount

This car phone holder boasts a ‘one touch’ mounting system that allows for quick mounting and release of your smartphone with one hand. It has a telescoping arm for placing it in your preferred position, and it can be used with any size smartphone, hence universal. 

The windshield/dash mount can be placed on any surface because it uses a sticky pad base that the suction cup mounts to, so a textured dash is OK. If you have a leather dash, the manufacturer suggests you put it on the windshield.



The Lifeproof Lifeactive uses an adapter that attaches to the back of your smartphones case and then into the mount itself(seen above)

This model is intended to be used with phones enclosed in cases, especially the popular Lifeproof cases, but many others too. Check to be sure yours will fit. Uses a twist on/twist off mounting method, which locks it in the holder when driving, and can be turned vertically or horizontally. Uses an industrial strength suction cup for mounting to dash or windshield.



The very small and portable Aukey Magnetic Car Mount Air Vent

This sturdy and simple magnetic car phone holder mounts to an air vent, and can be rotated for landscape or portrait view. The package includes 2 metal plates for attaching your phone to the air-vent mount.  A circular one for smaller phones, and a rectangular one for larger phones. This type of mount might be the best choice if you need to use it in different vehicles.



For those that want a cd-slot phone holder the Koomus CD-Air is a good buy

For those who don’t want sticky things on their dash or windshield, and who need portability, this one mounts securely in the slot of your CD player with a special slide-in base. It has adjustable arms to accommodate most phones, and rotates 360 degrees. Includes 3 attachment clips to fit your CD-Player. The mount can also be inserted into the cd-slot face-up or face-down incase the base blocks some of the controls in your vehicle, such as the radio or back-up camera.  Will handle all iPhone and Android phones.



The long adjustable arm can be used to move your phone into just the position you like

This smartphone car mount sports a flexible arm, which also helps to give it some shock absorption on rough roads. Universal fit for most phones and other mobile devices. Uses a locking suction cup that’s intended for windows, but looks like it would work on the dashboard too.



Why Use A Car Phone Holder?

First, for convenience. Being able to use your smartphone, and your GPS, hands-free and hassle-free is one of the modern joys of life. 

But, perhaps more importantly, it’s much safer. The risks of operating a motor vehicle without a car phone holder are just too great. According to the latest statistics from the National Safety Council, using a cellphone while driving causes 1.6 million auto accidents per year, causing 390,000 injuries and 3,450 fatalities in 2016. So using the right car phone holder can literally save your life.

Choosing A Car Phone Holder

Consider your own personal needs when shopping for your car phone holder, especially where you’d like it to be mounted. Models are available that can be mounted on the windshield with a suction cup, on top of the dash, on the front, or beneath it with a suction cup or a magnet. Other models can be mounted from the air vents with a special attachment, in the cup holder with a special base, and even extend on a flexible arm. 

Most car phone mounts are capable of being rotated into different positions. Many people like the magnetic mounts, where you attach a magnet to the dash, a sliver of steel to the back of the phone, and just stick it on there. However, in my own experience, if you hit a big chuckhole or bump, they tend to fall off. But your mileage may vary. Just make sure you can reach it and use it with ease and without distracting yourself too much.

If you decide on a dash mounted model, take note of whether the surface is textured or polished. Suction cups may not stick to the former. And of course you want to consider quality and durability when making your choice.


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