12 Times Dogs Got Caught Red-Handed Being Naughty

#1 This Frisky Pup Needs A Girlfriend

It seems like Sparky has a thing for his stuffed puppy. Maybe he needs a real furry friend to keep him company?

#2 This Little Guy Has Strange Tastes

Underwear? Cat turds? This dog needs to have his palate checked!

#3 His Face Says It All

I don’t know about you guys, but I think this pooch looks insanely guilty!

#4 “The World Is My Toilet!” – The Dog

I mean, maybe he just wants a soft place to poop? I bet his humans really think his choice of places to poop “stinks”.

#5 It Costs To Be Beautiful

Maybe this little girl wanted to surprise her mom when she woke up? Who needs lipstick and cash anyway!

#6 One Must ALWAYS Keep Snacks In Handy Places

Who hasn’t stored their meat in the couch? Not, you? Well, according to this little doggy you are missing out!

#7 His Eyes Are Saying, “I’m Sorry Human!”

Admit it, if you pooped on the floor you’d try and hide it too. His human must have had a bad case of the stink foot.

#8 He Only Wanted To Share With You

We all know that butter is delicious, so it is no wonder this little guy ate an entire stick. As for the puking…well, he just wanted his human to have some buttery goodness, too!

#9 At Least He Admits It

I don’t know, the cat doesn’t seem to mind. This doggo’s expression says, “So what if I do”.

#10 Here’s A Fun Fact…Most Dogs Do

This poor little pup looks so embarrassed! I bet he’ll eat his own barf again. Get used to it, human.

#11 These Dogs Know The Meaning Of Teamwork

Talk about a group effort! We can all learn something about helping our neighbor from these furry little rascals. Just don’t eat your neighbor's poop…

#12 This Dog Is So Fabulous He Poops Glitter

I think the sparkle in this pup’s poop has left him squinting. Either that, or he is trying to go #2 as this pic is being snapped!

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