11 Best Gift Ideas for that Hard-To-Please Boyfriend

Birthdays. Anniversaries. Holidays. Just Because. It seems like there is always a reason for buying gifts for those you live. How does that old saying go? It is better to give than to receive? Psh. We all like to receive. Especially from our boyfriend. But, if you find yourself in need of a gift to your special someone you may be wondering what to get. After all, guys are not the easiest to shop for. Despite his insistence to just buy socks, here are some things your guy would be much happier with regardless of your budget.

#1 This awesome leather briefcase in three colors

Who has time for a bookbag anymore? This highly reviewed men’s leather briefcase is just what your guy needs to get all of his electronics and papers to wherever he needs to go. It is versatile enough for the office or the classroom. Best of all, the vintage style briefcase comes in three colors for all kinds of styles!

#2 A toothbrush that will keep him smiling all day long

Sure no one wants to buy a toothbrush, but we need to. Hopefully, your guy already has one (or more), but this one will blow all others out of the water. Highly-reviewed and at an affordable price range this brush is time-tested and will remove 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

#3 The Target Men’s Beauty Box

Guy’s tend to find a product and stick to it. The beauty of the Target Men’s Beauty Box is it brings together a curated selection of trial size products. You get six items that will make your guy feel fresh all day long. Best of all, you can buy it by the month or get a year's subscription for a gift that keeps on giving.

#4 Let’s Go, Voltron Force!

A double whammy for the guy who just doesn’t wanna grow up. This exclusive Voltron Lego set will take you right back to Saturday morning cartoons. Unlike many Lego sets this set lets you decide how you wanna display your creation – either as the five lions or the mighty Voltron. Geek out together while putting this massive 2321 piece behemoth together.

#5 This new body wash from Harry’s

Harry’s has been a well-known men’s beauty label for a while now. They have been primarily known for their shaving kits but are now expanding into other lines. One of their hottest new products is this Harry’s Stone Body Wash. Don’t believe me? It has only been out a few weeks and already has 33 five-star reviews. Check it out or one of the three new scents being offered.

#6 Some new tracks to rock out to together

Introduce your guy to some new tracks and music with Apple Music. Cheaper than many of the competitors Apple Music puts the power of Itunes at your command. Since it is from Apple you know, it has to have some flashy bells and whistles, right? Well, you won’t be disappointed. Apple Music includes Apple Radio with a host of stations, curated playlist from Apple and other users, as well as smart learning to make recommendations based on what you listen to most.

#7 For the bookworm a new classic to laugh with and ponder

David Sedaris is a master-writer whose misanthropic stories take you on twist and turns. His latest book, Calypso, is already on many years best-of list. Not only does this new book provide plenty of laughs it also helps you ponder what a vacation really is.

#8 A travel mug that can take a beating

Whether being thrown into the sink, thrown into the car, or dropped on a hike this travel mug takes it all. The Contigo Travel Mug has unique auto-sealing technology which allows it to be tossed and turned without spilling the smallest amount of coffee. Best of all, the stainless-steel design keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. Perfect for the guy always on the go.

#9 Never get out of bed again!

Okay, well maybe not ever, but at least not to turn off the lights. TP-Link might not be a brand you have heard of, but their Kasa light series are some of the best smart lights out there. You can control the lights through your phone or another smart home device. Best of all they are affordable! Never fight again over who has to get out of bed to turn the lights off.

#10 For the guy who won’t ask for directions.

Not to stereotype, but guys hate asking for directions. With the Garmin Drive 5, you can always know where you are going. GPS devices have gone down in price and become more sophisticated over the years. The Garmin Drive 5 comes with a lifetime of map updates, so you will always know where you are going.

#11 A New Summer Dress for You!

Okay. Okay. Technically you might get more use out of this one. But, wouldn’t your boyfriend want you to be happy? Isn’t that the greatest gift? This summer spaghetti dress comes in five sizes and over thirty colors! AND IT HAS POCKETS! It has been one of the best selling dresses of the summer so get yours before it is too late!

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