10 Great Ways to Jazz Up Your Burgers This Summer



#1 Blue Cheese Sirloin Burgers


Ingredients include: Ground sirloin, blue cheese, egg, burgundy wine, Worcestershire sauce, spices 

If you have been looking for a burger with a nice tangy flavor, this amazing burger goes great with sweet potato fries and an ice-cold beer. Look for a nice tangy cheese like Gorgonzola, Roquefort, or Blue Stilton, Here's the recipe at foodal.com.

#3 The Texas Squealer Burger

Ingredients: Ground beef, bacon, Worcestershire sauce, spices, herbs

The key to this incredible flavorful burger is to make sure you cut the bacon into a fine dice, use a sharp knife not the food processor. You can top these tasty burgers with just about any of your favorite toppings for incredible new tastes. Here's the recipe at geniuskitchen.com.

#4 Burgers for Breakfast

Ingredients: hamburger patties, bacon, eggs, your choice of cheese, sauces

According to many great chefs, "Everything tastes better when you put an egg on it!" Nowhere could this be truer than when you want to serve up burgers for breakfast or Sunday brunch. Bacon, eggs, cheese, burgers all for breakfast, who could ask for anything more? Here's the recipe at delish.com.

#5 Tex-Mex Meets Cajun Burger

Looking for a great way to really jazz up your burgers, the jalapeno peppers and Cajun spice are sure to do more than tickle your taste buds. To make them really shine, make sure you use the Cajun seasoned mayo included in the recipe. Here's the recipe at allrecipes.com.

#7 The Crowd-Pleaser Burger

The blend of fresh garlic cloves and horseradish will quickly make the top ten list in your house. The combined flavors remind you of Sunday dinner roast beef with a side of horseradish. Here's the recipe.

#8 Burgers with Mac & Cheese Buns

Ingredients: your favorite burger, mac & cheese, and lots of happy hungry mouths

Your kids are going to love this one, the amazing taste of your favorite burger and all the fixings tucked inside a bun made from everyone's favorite mac & cheese. Here's the recipe.

#10 The Luau Burger

Think of this as a Hawaiian burger on steroids. Picture this if you will: Two buttered toasted bun halves, a burger smothered in fontina cheese, covered by bacon, covered by a slice of caramelized pineapple, and finally a layer of candied jalapeno peppers. Here's the recipe at howsweeteats.com.

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